Note: Minor changes may occur on the actual car.

"500 HP for 850 kg, all carbon fibre"


Agile SC122S road car


The road going SC122S is using a similar ultra-lightweight and stiff chassis as the race car SC122R. Bringing track sensations to your daily drive. A perfect track day monster with 350hp to 850kg. that can get you to the track and back home once the fastest track time is recorded. A car that can be customized to your personal needs and wants, with a long list of options available to you and a team, open to any additional requests.




We tried to embody the DNA of Agile Automotive in the best way possible, as the SC122S will be the standing point for our future designs. It represents our company and what we are trying to create, and we want people to recognise an Agile at a single glance. The SC122S combines simple and elegant Scandinavian design with the raw and functional design of racing. This gives the SC122S a unique shape without compromising speed and functionality on the track. A breathtaking design that uses clean surfaces and sophisticated details to create a pure sense of speed.


Agile SC122R race car


The Agile SC122R race car offers high performance at an affordable price.


Thanks to the high-quality carbon fibre chassis, you can expect an exceptionally light and stiff racer that would feel at home on any track. The SC122R is designed to keep costs low with a simple setup and non-expensive parts.


Reliability is important when racing and the SC122R has been designed with this in mind. The engine found in the SC122R is a standard Ford 3.5L EcoBoost V6 setup in 500hp Agile configuration.


The chassis is vigorously tested to ensure it can withstand the stresses created from pushing it on track.


The car can be supplied with a sequential race transmission with optional paddle shifts. The engine can be delivered with a lower power output if the car is too powerful for a race series. Other modifications can also be made to the engine if needed. Special requests such as wings, splitters, canards and others can also be added to the car if needed.